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Types Of Chargers

There are many different types of Electric vehicle chargers we have provided some information below to help you choose the right charger for your needs.
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Slow charging

A slow charger is regarded as anything up to 3kW, and is generally a Mode 2 charger - i.e sockets not specifically designed for the charging of electric vehicles.

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Fast charging

Classed as anything between 3.6kW and 22kW, generally capable of charging a vehicle in up to four hours, but predominantly used as an overnight charge. While not as fast as rapid chargers – and about four-times slower – they are the most common type of charger in the UK right now. These are ideal for home and business use.

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Rapid charging

The fastest type of charger on the market, available in DC only. With charging power ratings between 25kW all the way up to 350kW. Both CCS and CHAdeMO connectors have standard outputs between 43kW to 50kW of power, which means they’re able to charge 80% of a battery in 30 minutes to an hour. These chargers are usually found at service stations, forecourts and supermarkets. They’re designed to be a short stay top up point for use on longer journeys or where are large top up is required over a short space of time.

Types Of Electric Chargers


Meaning the unit comes with the charging lead attached. This increases convenience and creates a faster way of connecting your car. However it can limit the usability of the charger to vehicles who do not use the same plug type.

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All charging sockets are classified as Type 2. This doesn’t mean they don’t work with Type 1 vehicles, but instead are a universal plug into which all AC charging leads will connect. As each lead is either Type 2 to Type 2 or Type 1 to Type 2. These are most common in workplaces and public chargers to ensure all vehicles can access them.

Type 1 (ac)

Type 2 (ac)

Ccs (dc)

Chademo (dc)

3.6kW10 miles
7.4kW25 miles
11kW40 miles
22kW80 miles
25kW90 miles
50kW180 miles
150kWup to 200 miles in 30 mins