Domestic charging point

Stonecross close widnes

Heywood electrical where commisioned to install 2 No. 7.4 kw wall box chargers to charge the household two electric vehicle , and also enable the ev vechice to charge the household battery storage system . we have achived this by using the wall box chargeges cleaver technoligy allowing the chaarger to in feed to battery storage system and also mange the two chargers by limiting the alomnt of energy used by the chagres at one time stopping any over load occering within the property . heywood electrical have carried out the following services

  • Design of the installation
  • Notification to the DNO of required demand of the two charging points
  • Installation of new distrubutin equipment
  • Installation of all cabling systems to form the new installation of chargers
  • Supply 2 No. 7.4 kw wall box quasra inteligent chargers


Electric Vehicle Charging Solution

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