Air Serv Uk LTD – 22KW

Heywood electrical have been commision to intstall 4 No. wall box 22 kw pulsare plus ev chargers to there head office in wigain the chargers will serv there maitence fleet electric vechicales staff electric vechicles and also open to the genral public . The instalation of wall box chargers allows air serv to manage payment for the charge to the genral public but also enables stall and there own fleet vehicles to charge without payment this is achived by the mobile app downloaded free of charge to the user and managed by a back office system enalbling users and reciving payments to airservs back accounts . works deleverd by heywoods below .

  • Enitial servay
  • Desighn of the installation and supporting electrical infastruture
  • Up grade of the existing distrubution equipment
  • Installation of new electrical continment system for the installation of new cabling
  • Installation of new sub distrubution systems
  • Installtion of 4 New 22 kw wall box chargers
  • Commision of new system
  • Service contract 24/7 to maintaines compliances


Electric Vehicle Charging Solution

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